Agreement with and workshops at Universidad Nacional de La Plata

(source: website UNLP)

(source: website UNLP)

The president of the National University of La Plata (Argentina), Raúl Perdomo, signed a cultural and scientific cooperation agreement with NHTV Breda last week.

Martín Romero, Lecturer at NHTV Breda (Academy for Digital Entertainment), was present during the signing. Both universities will develop joint research and teaching activities, exchange of professors and graduate students for seminars, talks and participation in conferences, colloquia and symposia.

Specifically, within the framework of the agreement, Martín Romero gave two workshops for students of the Faculty of Informatics and the general public: "Production of Video Games" and "Design of serious games, augmented reality and virtual reality".

More information (in Spanish): Acuerdo de Cooperación Científica en la UNLP