Borrowing/Returning Books

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Can I still borrow or renew items when I have received a return reminder?

Yes, you can. However, when your fine is already 10 euro's or more it's not possible anymore. You will first have to return the overdue item and pay the fine, before you are allowed to borrow or renew items again.

Are students and employees of NHTV allowed to borrow items from all NHTV’s library locations?

Yes, they are allowed to do so. Make sure to bring a valid smartcard or other means of identification with you. 

Can I have books sent from another library to the location where I study/work?

Yes, this is possible. You can request to have books sent from another location to the location where you study/work.

Can I borrow items without my smartcard?

Preferably not, but it is possible to borrow items from the library with a valid means of identification. 

Can I return my books to a library at another NHTV location?

Yes, you can return your books at all NHTV’s library locations.

Can I borrow items from other (non-NHTV) libraries with my NHTV smartcard?

Students as well as employees of NHTV can borrow items free of charge from the library of Avans. 

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