Grants and scholarships

It is a well-known fact that most students live on a very limited budget. This limited budget can be an obstacle when going abroad to study or on an internship. However, some students qualify for extra financial support. Check your options below.

Tuition fee loan / 'collegegeldkrediet'

If you are going to study at an institute of higher or university education in the Netherlands (or abroad), you will be required to pay tuition fees to that university (or university of applied sciences). The university can inform you about the tuition fee amount you have to pay. In some cases you can apply for a loan to pay for the tuition fees.

Please visit the DUO website for more information.

Tax deductions

The Dutch tax authority ( accepts the course fees and costs of study books under the scheme of "buitengewone aftrek studiekosten". This means that the fees can be deducted from taxes, which leads to a financial advantage of 30-50% (or in some cases even more). This is only applicable to the parents of students who pay their taxes in the Netherlands. Students who would like to know more about this are advised to contact the Dutch tax authority directly.

International students could check with their local tax authorities if they offer similar possibilities.

Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP)

The Netherlands Fellowship Programmes (NFP) which has provided fellowships for professionals from 51 countries is currently being phased out.

The aim of the programme, which was initiated and funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is to help reduce the shortage of skilled workers in the selected countries, through training courses and programmes that are facilitated by Dutch higher education institutions.

Under NFP, fellowships were awarded for the last time in April 2017 (for short courses and master's programmes).

The current phase of the Netherlands Fellowship Programmes has ended. At this moment the outlines of a new capacity building programme (including fellowships) called 'OKP', are being developed.

Once available, more information on the requirements, procedure and the application link will be posted here.

Please visit the OKP website for all information concerning this scholarship programme.

StuNed Scholarships

StuNed, Studeren in Nederland, is a scholarship programme focusing on mid-career professionals, as part of the bilateral cooperation between Indonesia and the Netherlands. The scholarship programme aims to contribute to the development of Indonesia through strengthening the human resources of Indonesian organisations.

A student needs to be admitted to one of the programmes offered by NHTV in the academic year concerned. The application deadline is in March, (check the website for the precise deadline) so please make sure you apply as early as possible to allow us ample time to consider your application. Some programmes require students to take part in an intake interview (by phone).

More information on the StuNed Scholarships can be found on

Colfutoro Scholarship-Loan Program

Colfutoro Scholarship-Loan Program offers financial support to Colombia’s most talented and capable people.

The Loan-Scholarship Program is COLFUTURO’s main program. It provides financial support for Colombian professionals pursuing postgraduate degrees overseas in any field of study. A percentage of the loan becomes a scholarship when the beneficiary meets a set of requirements.

More information about the requirements and how to apply can be found on

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The Netherlands Student Grantfinder is an online search engine for those who want to study in the Netherlands and are looking for financial aid. The Grantfinder contains information on a range of Dutch scholarships for international students.


Nuffic supports internationalisation in higher education, research and professional education in the Netherlands and abroad, and helps improve access to higher education worldwide.

Scholarship Portal

This website integrates the funding opportunities for studying, working or performing research in one of the European nations. The portal aims to encourage and help students worldwide to find and select appropriate scholarships to study in Europe.


Feel free to contact the scholarship coordinator for more information.