Every day, people in the commercial media industry aim to design creative and original media products that are profitable, technologically refined, and that engage their audiences in completely new ways. This means that media products are much more than just creative ideas. They are the result of a collective effort in which knowledge about ICT and programming, media theory, communication studies, marketing and business is linked together.


Innovation in the creative media industry is a hot topic in many countries. Up until now, however, there is a persistent gap. Innovators have not yet been successful in establishing an integral academic approach that is directly relevant to the digital media industry. In close cooperation with international partners, NHTV therefore has developed this executive master's programme, which will bridge the gap between theory and practice in digital media studies.


The guiding principle of this programme is that successful media innovations are often not brand new, but rather, they build on existing, recognisable elements. These elements, codes, are the building blocks that can be found in any media product. In this master, we shed light on these building blocks from different theoretical perspectives. And, once you understand the codes behind a media product, you can make new connections. This is how you arrive at new concepts that are innovative and future-oriented.

Theory as a design tool

Next to the delivery of top class post-graduates, the purpose of this executive master’s programme Media Innovation is to give media professionals the ability to ‘bring something new into use’. In their final project, students will develop, prototype and (pre-)produce media innovations. To enable this, NHTV has built up an international network of researchers and media professionals demonstrating the ability to put original ideas into use within their respective fields of knowledge.

Contributing to innovation in the publishing industry

The publishing industry is fairly conservative when it comes to innovation and development. With my Executive Master in Media Innovation, I would like to contribute to innovation in this industry.’.

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