Executive Master Media Innovation in 1 year (Hilversum)

In close cooperation with international partners, NHTV has developed the executive master in Media Innovation which provides you with in-depth knowledge of digital media processes and bridges the gap between theory and practice in media studies.


The guiding principle of this programme is that successful media innovations are often not brand new, but rather, they build on existing, recognisable elements. These elements, codes, are the building blocks that can be found in any media product. In this master, we shed light on these building blocks from different theoretical perspectives. And, once you understand the codes behind a media product, you can make new connections. This is how you arrive at new concepts that are innovative and future-oriented.

Unique approach

The programme has a unique, multidisciplinary approach. Not only will it train you to acquire analytical skills, teach you to look beyond the surface of digital media and distinguish crucial digital processes, but it will also teach you to transform analytical insights into the building blocks by means of which you can design tomorrow’s media products.

For whom?

The executive master in Media Innovation is especially designed for media industry professionals. We also welcome lecturers from Universities of Applied Sciences who obtain a master's degree and who are teaching in either (multi) media, communication, ICT or another area related to the media industry. You need to have at least 5 years of equivalent experience. 


The executive master in Media Innovation is part of the programme plan of Hilversum Media Campus in the city of Hilversum.

Hilversum Media Campus is an initiative that interconnects government, media companies and knowledge institutions. 

Have a look at this video about Media alumnus Joost