Educational vision

As a didactic concept, NHTV applies ‘action learning’. Rather than ‘receiving’ education in the traditional manner, you design and direct your own plan of study. Our lecturers are professional experts acting as role models, rather than being tutors who tell you what to do. The knowledge and principles covered in the master’s programmes is applied to problems taken straight from the professional field. Our multimedia library has one of the most specialised collections in the world and our Electronic Learning System has made studying irrelevant of place and time.

According to the objectives of the master in Tourism Destination Management programme, interaction between theory and practice is crucial. The programme combines explicit skills and a practical ‘hands-on’ mentality, increasing knowledge of the development of and at tourism destinations. It will stimulate a problem solving independent attitude as well as professional analytical skills.

Teaching and Examination Regulations (English)

Onderwijs- en examenregelement (Dutch)