On our way to a new campus!

As from September 2019 all study programmes of NHTV will be accommodated at one location in the city of Breda. Tourism, Hotel and Facility will start in the convent as from September 2018.

NHTV Breda is developing an optimal, qualitatively high-grade and up-to-date learning and working environment in the shape of a campus at location Mgr. Hopmansstraat in Breda, the Netherlands.

Why a NHTV Campus?

The idea is that a campus environment will be an invitation for people to meet one another. This will offer even more possibilities to inspire one another and exchange knowledge. The campus will promote academic success and valuable interaction as well as cross-overs in flexible spaces. As a result, the campus will contribute to an excellent international image.

Part of the new NHTV Campus will be the convent at the Mgr. Hopmansstraat location. In May 2017 the Congregation ‘Alles voor Allen’ handed over the key to NHTV in an official ceremony. A week later the construction company started with the renovation activities. According to the plan, the Tourism, Hotel and Facility study programmes will start in the convent as from September 2018.

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