NHTV Breda and ADabisc start cooperation

NHTV Breda and ADabisc have signed up for a couple of projects in which cooperation will take shape in the years to come. ADabisc is a Qatari company which is currently developing and opening four family entertainment centres (FEC) around the shopping mall and leisure park Doha Festival City.

ADabisc has launched its own training academy for all its members of staff  that provides training in the fields of hospitality, guest orientation and operational themes to leadership and attraction management for the senior management. NHTV Breda has been asked to evaluate the total programme of the Happinuity Academy and provide pedagogical and educational advice. NHTV experts Klaus Hoven, Olga Wagenaar and Guido Aerts are involved in this project. 

ADabisc will also become a client for a project in the minor Storytelling & Consumer Experiences.  A group of students may develop and elaborate upon a concept for an interactive FEC, resulting in a realistic business plan, in which sub-concepts for F&B, retail and events will also be made. The students will follow part of the minor in Breda, the second part in which consumer research and concept development are central will take place in Doha, Qatar. For the good supervision of the students, ADabisc has opted for enabling a lecturer to undertake a lecturer internship there.

NHTV Breda has geared itself for years to the sector Attractions & Theme Parks with a specialist study programme variant. The cooperation with ADabisc is the next step in the internationalisation of the educational programme, the creation of  appealing and challenging work placements with a strong intercultural character and the provision of projects and graduation assignments under the research line Storytelling & Consumer Experiences. In the period of March up until August 2017 NHTV students Romy van Dorsselaer and Lieke Nusteling are doing a work placement at ADabisc for their study programme Attractions & Theme Parks Management. 

NHTV intensifies international cooperation

NHTV Breda wants to be a valued partner for the industry on the basis of the quality of our education and research. We are geared to intensifying the cooperation with companies and institutes in the Netherlands, and linked to this with the international business world. For this reason, NHTV is looking worldwide for where the most important developments are taking place, the hotspots for innovation and what challenges there will be in the years to come. In the Middle East, and in the Gulf States in particular, major investments will take place in themed entertainment, retail and leisure. NHTV is happy to provide a contribution to this in a position of connector between the development of new attractions and innovative developments in the area of gaming and entertainment. An important role for NHTV in this is the strengthening of expertise in the area of attractions and theme park management.  

In the picture Mr. Riad Makdessi (CEO, ADabisc), Klaus Hoven (NHTV Breda – Academy for Leisure) and Mr. Sven Versteegh (CEO, Trimoo Parks) affirm the cooperation between NHTV and ADabisc