NHTV helps refugee camp in Greece with logistic knowledge

Four international students and a teacher of the logistics education at NHTV Breda have visited the refugee camp Nea Kavala in northern Greece in the first week of April, to help with the logistical processes. There are about 400 people in the camp (mainly from Syria and Eritrea).

In the camp, NHTV offers assistance in the storage and processes that come to the distribution of second-hand clothing among the residents of the refugee camp. The current system knows its flaws and the logistical students will find out how it can be optimized.

At the moment, there are about 60,000 refugees in Greece. They reside for months or even longer than 1 year in a camp. The Greek government offers them accommodation in the camps and a small amount of money to provide themselves with the first necessities as food, drink and clothing. 

Clothing warehouse in Kamp Nea Kavala 

NHTV has provided logistic assistance in Camp Nea Kavala in the two clothing warehouses the organisation uses. Both warehouses contain about 1000 boxes with (second-hand) clothing. The distribution of these clothing among the camp residents is organized by Drop in the Ocean, a Norwegian volunteer organisation in the Nea Kavala camp. 

In a shop (the Drop shop), residents of the camp can buy clothes with virtual money in a specially developed app. In this way the clothing is distributed in a fair way among the refugees. 

During the visit to the camp, the students have gathered data in order to be able to map the current logistical process and will work with that information in the coming weeks to propose improvements.