Designing and Managing Experiences

People's actions are often based on their current or past experiences. Knowing and recognising those experiences enables us to create effective new ones but also to influence the way people will probably act or react in new situations. This is very important for economic reasons (satisfying your customers so that they return to your business and spend more money), but also for social reasons (how to invite/convince people to do what is needed in our society).

Designing and Managing Experiences (DME) brings together various NHTV research teams and provides expertise in measuring and creating experiences - taking the customer experience within ever-changing contexts at its core.

Industrial and governmental stakeholders have voiced the need for this research domain in order to better manage customer experiences. However, much of the current research in this field is limited to measuring indirect and perceived emotions and behaviour through respondents’ cognitions.

With NHTV long-standing research and consultancy track record, combined with NHTV's extensive national and international industry network, DME now provides direct and objective insights into human behaviour and emotions, based on neuro-marketing. This generates valuable knowledge and new consumer insights to guide market innovations and create new product and/or service offerings.

The competency centre will not only be used by the DME research group, but it is also open to other internal and external researchers, and international partner institutes. We provide industry stakeholders with a competitive advantage and public-sector organisations with useful insights and instruments. Besides, the shared research facilities encourage innovation and improve the learning experiences of students, as well as the sharing of expertise among a wider academic network.



DME’s facilities include three labs. These labs are equipped with a wide range of innovative measurement instruments.