Technology Lab

This lab enables the integration of creating and testing, or measuring while testing and observing while playing. Due to time pressure and for cost-efficiency reasons, industrial partners and stakeholders see an increased need to reduce the time gap between creation of concepts, generating innovative ideas and (concept) testing. The lab produces high-grade material within the relevant context of the experience, and can even test large research populations.

This lab also measures and tests emotional reactions and direct physical reactions of users through eye-tracking technology and Electro-Encephalographic recordings by using positional and biometric devices. The Technology Lab covers both emotional aspects of the user experience and interaction through reliable and experimental tools. This captures the user experience from its initial exposure to any context, enabling the analysis of performance behaviour, providing accurate measurements of system interaction and perception, and applying insights into the materials used.

Based on research findings, it would be possible to generate solutions and propose concrete actions, products and services that are relevant for industrial partners and society.