Knowledge and research centres

The various programme lines are supported by knowledge and/or research centres. These centres are tied to specific knowledge domains, and it is where NHTV’s research teams are based. These teams consist of experienced professionals and academics, and our associate professors would be happy to assist you in terms of research, consultancy or training. 

NHTV’s knowledge and research centres are: 

  • CELTH (tourism, leisure and hospitality)
  • CSTT (sustainability, tourism and transport)
  • Research Centre for Coastal Tourism (tourism)
  • SLM Advisory and Innovation Centre (urban development, logistics and mobility) 
  • MediaLab (digital entertainment)
  • Hospitality@Work (hotel and facility)

NHTV has been assigned two Centres of Expertise by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, one in the area of Tourism, Leisure, Hospitality, and one in the area of Logistics. 

As for the discipline of Media & Game Technology and Design, the industry is showing a great deal of interest in our expertise. We would like to establish a knowledge centre in this area on our own, with the aim of generating national and international appreciation from the industry as well as contributing to the specific sector of the creative industries (which has been assigned as one of the ‘top sectors’ by the Dutch government).