NorthSEE aims to achieve greater coherence in Maritime Spatial Planning (processes; MSP) and in Maritime Spatial Plans (outcomes/solutions), capturing synergies and preventing incompatibilities in the North Sea Region (NSR). The project seeks to create better conditions for sustainable development of the area in the fields of shipping, energy and environmental protection. NorthSEE is possible thanks to the financial support from the Interreg North Sea Region programme of the European Union (European Regional Development Fund).

Project tasks and results

  1. To suggest a multi-level coordination framework capable of supporting ongoing coordination in MSP across the NSR in the long term
  2. To develop an information and planning platform for MSP, enabling planners and stakeholders to share evidence for MSP and test different planning options in the form of scenarios based on real data. The MSP Challenge computer-supported simulation game will became this platform
  3. To increase the capacity of stakeholders in key transnational sectors to actively contribute to MSP
  4. To align approaches for taking into account wider environmental issues in MSP
  5. To facilitate greater transnational coherence in MSP with respect to offshore energy infrastructure
  6. To achieve greater transnational coherence in using MSP to support environmental protection objectives
  7. To facilitate greater transnational coherence in MSP with respect to shipping routes

Our role

The Academy for Digital Entertainment (ADE) of NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences is a full partner in this project. ADE is responsible for designing and developing the MSP Challenge simulation game concerning the NSR, as well as facilitating its application, all with the aim of developing insights befitting the project aims and thus Maritime Spatial Planning in the North Sea Region (see task 2). We therefore work closely with all NorthSEE partners to define the right requirements and ensure that the simulation game fulfills them. Multiple MSP Challenge sessions are planned to help develop insightful future scenarios and useful planning solutions for the NSR. More information about MSP Challenge is available on its own website.