People and Goods on the Move

Innovative developments will influence the travel behaviour of people, vehicles and goods in the future. Just think of the technological developments in the field of electrically powered transport, autonomous transport, and the development of smart cities, including all attendant data. Or what about the debate on climate change, energy transition, and adaptive and liveable cities – all affecting the domain of spatial planning. NHTV seeks to prepare for these developments with its educational offerings. In the NHTV-wide research line of People and Goods on the Move, we conduct research (including applied research) into the effects of these developments, together with business, government and institutions (including knowledge institutions).

Higher efficiency in business processes

Customer experiences are crucial nowadays, from a traffic-related, spatial, tourism as well as logistics perspective. In People and Goods on the Move, we connect NHTV’s unique knowledge in the field of hospitality, experiences and gaming with the entire chain of goods and people. We do so by carrying out state-of-the-art and independent research into innovations in leading developments in the playing field. In this process, we use innovative tools, such as virtual or augmented reality for the purpose of simulating and visualising optimal solutions or future situations. Our partners obviously benefit from the advantages. The knowledge obtained through our collaborative ventures leads to more efficient and effective business processes. Our joint research activities will save you time and money. Additionally, the research projects ensure involvement of our students in leading developments in our discipline, as a result of which the students’ knowledge ties in with industry needs.

Would you like to know more about the cooperation possibilities?

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of cooperation with NHTV? Please contact programme manager Jeroen Weppner via telephone number 06 – 52621638 or via e-mail: