People and Goods on the Move

People and Goods on the Move (P&GotM) provides a bridge between NHTV researchers and decision-makers - including politicians, managers, scholars, lecturers and NGOs - to help them cope with the ever occurring changes in the wider mobility, transport, logistics and ICT ecosystems.

Transport is one of the most persistent sustainability problems in Europe and the world. Its growth, in many ways, exceeds the progress in making it more environmentally and socially sustainable. The pace at which some new ideas and technologies are introduced has become breath-taking, making it increasingly difficult for policy-makers and the industry to fully understand the effects and potential of such new technologies and infrastructures, as well as their risks to environment and society.

Will drones distribute our post? Will personal aircraft take over from cars in an attempt to alleviate road capacity problems? Or will biofuels or electric aircraft make air transport climate neutral?

P&GotM can provide decision-makers with reliable information and relevant expertise about the issues at hand, which are necessary to parse the myths - that often surround inventions and innovations - from facts. P&GotM can therefore help policy-makers find the way between facts and myths and contribute to make the world a better place for everyone to live in.