Areas of Expertise

Imagineering and Creative Entrepreneurship

Dr. Diane Nijs,

In a highly transparent knowledge economy, people are increasingly looking for authenticity, identity, meaning, and experience. This opens a multitude of prospects to organisations and companies who are not afraid of innovation. This development also calls for a new enterprise logic: a logic that involves openness, interaction and cocreation.
The professorship does research and advises companies and organisations as to how they can move towards a continuous process of innovation and fascination, starting from the experience perspective. Both in the creative industries and beyond.
Nijs: ‘We often lose sight of the real motives of consumers and employees, as we also do of the magic of our own organisation. The professorship helps companies transform into meaningful and creative organisations that dare to play the game differently.’

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Sustainability in logistics has a lot to do with making modes of transport more environmentally friendly, or in other words, using more intermodal transportation alternatives. Meanwhile, innovation within the transport sector has led to the concept of synchromodality. In addition, there is also an economic component to sustainability in our approach, in terms of developing economically viable organisations. NHTV has already completed several projects which – through a quality-based approach based on, for instance, lean key performance indicators and six sigma strategies – have made fundamental improvements to the companies concerned.

Supply chain management

Supply chain management deals with not only vertical collaboration (within one supply chain), but also with horizontal collaboration (between several supply chains). Distribution and warehousing also play a role in this respect. The development agenda for the future is targeted towards what is termed the ‘4C’ concept. The 4C concept stands for Cross Chain Control Centres. This concept requires IT innovations which play a major role in this development. The key areas of synchromodality and 4C are in line with the agenda of Dinalog. Dinalog is the top research institute for logistics in the Netherlands and is situated in Breda.

Serious Games

Prof. dr. Igor Mayer
The serious games research area is entitled ‘Playful Organisations & Learning Systems’. The ambition is to design and study the impact of games – their concepts, principles and technology – on team performance, organisational effectiveness and the management of complex systems, for the good of society. An example of a complex system for which serious gaming is deemed of high potential for all sorts of purposes is Maritime Spatial Planning. This is why the professorship is a full partner in the NorthSEE and BalticLINes Interreg projects, in which the simulation gaming platform MSP Challenge is designed, developed and applied for different purposes.

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