Projects: these innovations already paved your way

NHTV is involved in several innovative and leading projects in the field of People and Goods on the Move. Three recent examples of what we have achieved:


NHTV participates in the Interreg V NEW-project CHIPS; Cycle Highways Innovation for smarter People transport and Spatial planning. Together with the city of Tilburg and other partners from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom we conduct research into and give demonstrations on infrastructural improvements, regarding cycle highways, in a Living Lab. Within the project, we tackle all crucial elements related to engaging users and successful promotion of cycle highways. NHTV is responsible for the monitoring and evaluation of the project. To measure the impact and effectiveness of cycle highway innovations we use Cyclespex and Cycleprint.

The Urban Future

To add an ‘emotional’ touch to design processes, a simulation tool for bicycling behaviour and experiences was developed, called CycleSpex. This cycling simulator emulates designs in virtual reality, giving residents or cyclists a true-to-life experience of the future situation (crowdedness, environment, speed). This increases support among stakeholders and contributes to process efficiency and effectiveness (in other words, time savings). This tool is being developed further under the name of The Urban Future.

Researchlab Automated Driving Delft

NHTV recently entered into a collaborative arrangement with Researchlab Automated Driving Delft. This field lab is unique in the world. RADD and NHTV are jointly studying the effects of autonomous vehicles on the environment. The lab offers NHTV and its partners a unique opportunity to conduct research into the traffic-related, spatial, logistics, environmental and behavioural effects of autonomous vehicles.

Logistic Workx

A fine case of efficiency improvements in business processes is the application of virtual reality in the logistics sector. In cooperation with the well-known logistics company of Kuehne+Nagel we developed a game which is used for the training of temporary warehouse workers before they enter into service. As a result, they know where to go to and how the procedures work, right from their very first day at work. This reduces induction periods, increases productivity, and in the end, generates higher turnover. This innovative system was further developed within NHTV Business under the name of Logistic Workx.