NHTV Way of Life

Openness, curiosity, innovative capacities, daring to follow one's own intuition and thinking out of the box. This is the power of members of staff and students at NHTV and the essence of the NHTV Way of Life.

Staff and students at NHTV are dynamic people with an international scope. The essence of internationalisation lies in the educational programme. Students are prepared for a career in an international context. For a great part the curriculum is in the English language, most assignments have an international orientation and students as well as members of staff can gain experience abroad. NHTV attracts professionals from abroad and nearly 13% of the students are foreign. Great attention is paid to international business and cooperation, both from a social and cultural perspective as well as from an economic dimension. The cultural mix ensures that staff and students are broad-minded, curious and worldly-wise.

Meeting Place for Talents

All meetings are characterised by acquiring, developing and sharing knowledge, but also by inspiring others and becoming inspired. Lecturers and supervisors often work part-time in the branch and keep a close track of the development of the profession’s dynamics, observe opportunities and respond rapidly to developments. In addition to being an international educational institution, NHTV is also primarily a knowledge institute. This offers you many opportunities for development as a member of staff. The NHTV School for Creative Education is especially for members of staff to stimulate and inspire you with professional training, courses and workshops.