CIPConfidential counsellor, Identification obligation, Privacy regulation
NHTV aims to have a study and working environment in which everyone treats each other with respect, which feels safe and pleasurable and in which you can work and study to the optimum. To guarantee this situation at all times and to be able to react adequately when necessary, NHTV has appointed a confidential counsellor. For dealing with complaints NHTV is affiliated with a provincial independent committee (Stichting KOMM).

As employers we are obliged to include a valid copy of proof of identification (passport, local authorities identification card, tourist pass or Dutch Residence Permit) in your file.

For the purpose of the central members of staff files, your data will be passed onto the IT Service. The data will exclusively be used for internal purposes (for making your smart card and registration at the Mediatheek). No information will be passed onto third parties (and we consider colleagues to fall into this category) without permission from the person in question.