NHTV offers professional and academic bachelor’s and master’s programmes to national and international students. Located in the southern province of Brabant and operating across the globe, NHTV’s key themes are cross-cultural understanding, social responsibility, imagineering, and entrepreneurship. The university prepares students for professional careers in a globalising environment. That is why NHTV’s staff members come from all over the world with diverse cultural backgrounds.

Having an international and experienced workforce contributes to the high quality of NHTV’s education. A place where we aim to inspire and nurture the talents of our students and staff to ensure that they provide skills with innovative answers.

Excellence in teaching means excellence in learning. NHTV wants to be a challenging and inspiring environment for its staff members as well – a place where they feel at home.

We are pleased that you have joined or are considering joining our university. In order to help you in your decision-making, you will find more information about our university on our website. Our Expat Welcome Package contains all the information you need for moving to the Netherlands and working at NHTV.

To help you get to know the region and its special facilities and requirements for expats please check the website of Holland Expat Center South. To help you get to know more about living in the Netherlands you are referred to the website of I am Expat or Internations Breda. To help you get to know more about living in Breda you might want to visit the website of City of Breda.