Salary and Pension

In addition to your salary, you will receive an end-of-year bonus of 8.3% (complete 13th month). The holiday allowance is 8% of the annual salary and is paid out annually in May. If you receive a good evaluation your salary will be increased by a standard amount on a yearly basis until the maximum of the final scale has been reached.

All members of staff at NHTV participate in the Algemeen Burgerlijk Pensioenfonds (ABP; general citizen’s pension fund). With this you build up the right to old-age, surviving dependents and disablement pension. NHTV pays 2/3 of the premiums. You can transfer the pension which you have built up at your previous employer to the ABP. You can find advice about this and the procedure for doing this on the site (in Dutch) and on the site of the ABP.

After notifying the ABP you will receive the brochure ‘Welcome to your pension fund’. In this brochure an application form can be found for the partnerpluspension. In the brochure there is also information about the possibilities of building up extra pension.