Sustainability and Vitality

Sustainability and vitality are given concrete meaning at NHTV. So a number of measures have been taken to promote the use of environmentally-friendly transport. If you come to work on your bike or by foot, then you will be given monthly compensation. There is also a fiscally attractive scheme for purchasing a new bike. You can purchase an annual season ticket or zoned travel pass for the train or public transport via NHTV and if you always travel on public transport, then you will receive twice the standard compensation. For business trips, all members of staff will be given a business pass for using the train, public transport and the bike and train taxi.

Being inspired, fit and healthy. These are important elements in NHTV’s vitality policy. And every member of staff profits from this. Great attention is paid to working conditions and an inspiring working environment. NHTV is affiliated with Arbo Unie (occupational health and safety service) in Breda. The company doctor supervises members of staff with long-term illnesses and advises them and their supervisors about reintegration.