Work, Career and Personal Development

Pleasure in the job …

… puts perfection into the work! Pleasure in the job is important. Just like a good balance between private life and work. At NHTV you have considerable freedom to interpret your work at your own discretion. In many cases you can work part-time. With your direct supervisors, you will discuss the way in which you want to approach your work and how you will divide up the number of working hours during the year. You can opt for a working week consisting of 40, 38 or 36 hours. In this way you can influence how your days off are spread throughout the year. The number of days off for a fulltime appointment on the basis of a 40 hour working week is 53.5.
You can be flexible in arranging your own working times. It is good to know that the Collective Agreement for Universities of Applied Sciences (CAO-hbo in Dutch) prescribe an 8-hour working day and that days off for teaching staff are in principle linked to the school holidays. In special cases you can request dispensation for this.

Using talents

The NHTV’s ambitions (pdf) offer plenty of opportunities for development for you as a member of staff. We are happy to stimulate you to develop and employ your qualities to the optimum, so that you can continue to take pleasure in your job. Together with your managerial staff you will discuss your career and the possibilities for development and your wishes for further training. You will reach agreements together in the HRM cycle. Part of the training and coaching will be provided by NHTV School for Creative Education.

From the concrete needs of the members of staff, NHTV School for Creative Education organises several courses and activities which will provide you with the opportunity of keeping your knowledge up-to-date and train you in new competencies and skills. They also organise the introduction for new members of staff, courses in teaching skills (obligatory for teaching staff) and English (Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English, C-1 level compulsory for teaching staff and tutors).