Application and enrolment for international students

You have decided to apply for a bachelor's programme of NHTV. On these pages you will find more information and links to, for instance, application and enrolment, options, admission requirements, and tuition fee.

Please mind:

A different application procedure should be followed


Applying for a study programme at NHTV starts with registration and submitting a ‘New enrolment application’ to Studielink, the online enrolment application for higher education institutions in the Netherlands. But that’s not all! Only when you have gone through all the steps from the step-by-step plan, will your enrolment be definitive.  

What do you need to do?

After you’ve applied for the right study programme in Studielink, you have to send in your digital application package to NHTV’s Student Office within two weeks. Consult step 3b for more information about the documents you need to provide. 

What do you need to know?

How do I keep track of the status of my application?

  • Via e-mail. Studielink will keep you updated via e-mail.
  • Via Studielink:

    • Check your status at ‘My applications’. If a step is finished your status will be 'green'.
    • Messages sent by Studielink can be found at ‘My messages’
    • Check your data and correct them if necessary at ‘my details’. This is also where you can view the status of the verification process of your personal details.
    • At 'My previous education' you can check the diploma verification status.
    • On the main page in Studielink you can find the 'To do list' containing the actions you still have to take.

  • Via the step-by-step plan in this application manual

Please mind:
Consult the website of DUO, Student grant to find out if you qualify for a student grant, and to check the conditions. To apply for a student grant you will need the official name of the programme.