Academic Bachelor Leisure Studies in 3 years

The Bachelor of Science Leisure Studies is an English-taught academic programme in leisure. In 3 years’ time, you will become an expert at finding and understanding answers to complex issues in the leisure sector. The programme combines Business Administration (marketing, economics, innovation and organisation) with Social Sciences (sociology, psychology and anthropology).

Multidisciplinary, academic and research-based approach

  • How can we predict trends in the way people spend their free time?
  • How can traditional leisure companies use social media more effectively to connect to their customers?
  • What new business models and strategies are needed in an increasingly complex and dynamic leisure sector?

After your graduation, you will be a flexible and all-round bachelor of science (BSc) with a broad background in business and social science, specialised in the diverse leisure field.

Your career?

As a leisure expert, you may take up a career in large enterprises in the cultural and leisure sectors, consultancy and engineering agencies, property developers, sports associations, event organisations or state, provincial and local authorities. Career examples:

  • strategic leisure policy making
  • leisure marketing and management
  • research, either at research or consultancy firms

You will investigate and expand the scientific foundations underlying the exciting world of leisure.