Academic Bachelor of Science Tourism in 3 years

The Bachelor of Science Tourism is an English-taught interdisciplinary academic programme offered jointly by Wageningen University and NHTV Breda. In 3 years’ time, you will become an expert at researching sustainable tourism development.

Sustainable tourism from an academic perspective

  • How can tourism support the economic development of poor rural communities?
  • What is the impact of climate change on remote island destinations?
  • How does travelling affect someones quality of life?

Your career?

After your graduation you can continue your education by pursuing an academic master's degree or apply your knowledge to the sustainable development of tourism.

As a Bachelor of Science Tourism graduate, you can find a job in:

  • Strategic Tourism Management
  • Tourism Marketing, Sales & Product development
  • Tourism Policy-Making
  • Tourism Research & Consultancy

Work is carried out from a broader conceptual perspective than that of a future practice-oriented marketeer, project leader or entrepreneur.

What are the differences between NHTV's tourism programmes? (pdf)

Check out the video about Tourism student Nellie

Joint programme

The BSc Tourism is a joint programme with Wageningen University & Research.