Course planning

Year 1: introduction to the phenomenon of tourism (NHTV Breda)

You get introduced to the social, economic and environmental sciences and their contribution to tourism. Through disciplinary courses you get an overview of concepts, theories and their application in sustainable tourism. The main teaching methods used are lectures, tutorials and field assignments.

Year 2: deepening your knowledge (NHTV Breda)

You will deepen your knowledge of tourism development, policy, governance and law, organisational behaviour and business management. You also expand your academic skills and study philosophy of science. In the interdisciplinary courses in the fourth semester you will explore directions for sustainable tourism development. This year includes a four-week international research project.

Year 3: broadening your view (Wageningen University)

In the first semester you choose a minor - this may be towards your master’s degree or pursuing your personal area of interest. You can - for instance - choose a minor in international development studies, management studies or environmental sciences. You can also choose to do your minor at another university in the Netherlands, or abroad. In the final semester you will gain an insight into the principles of entrepreneurship and the latest innovations in policy, technology and sustainability. You finish your major with a bachelor’s thesis.

For module descriptions of all Bachelor of Science Tourism courses, check out the study handbook online