Course planning

First year

In the first year, you are introduced to the media landscape both at home and abroad. You learn about subjects in marketing, production, content, management and research.

  • Examples of the marketing courses are: Introduction to Marketing and Marketing and Communication
  • The production module introduces pre-production, production and post-production of audio-visual content, including Image Editing and short film production.
  • The content orientation module teaches you how to recognise good content, by following courses in story analysis and digital concept development.

Merel's first week

"How would that be? A new study, a new school, new teachers and new people around me."

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Main phase

In the second year of study, the subjects of management, marketing, online production, communication and research are dealt with in greater detail. You learn to develop ideas or concepts for advertising campaigns, television programmes and multimedia events.

You learn in detail about production techniques of ‘classic’ media, such as radio and television. You also learn more about the organisational and commercial side of the work. How do you make sure that a project is completed in time - before the deadline - and within budget? How do you manage people and their creative differences?

Live television production

In the final part of the second year, students do a three-week training programme in live television production at an exchange university overseas or in studios in Hilversum, the Netherlands. You have the possibility to go to universities in for instance Bournemouth in the United Kingdom or Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff in the United States. A professional, state-of-the-art television studio will be at your disposal.

All students will have a guaranteed possibility to experience this international experience. You will express a preference for one of the options that we offer. Based on the number of available places per option and our registration policy, a selection will be made either giving the student their first preference, or allowing him or her to join an alternative option.

After the second year, you choose one of the specialisations Marketing, Production or Content.

The third and fourth years serve to further explore this specialisation; in addition, students step into the working world to apply their knowledge and experience during a five-month internship in the Netherlands or abroad.

Throughout the entire programme, you will work in ADE Production House (which makes for example the student magazine BREWED) one day per week. You will also be working on your English language skills, both orally and in writing.

Here you can find a short course overview of this 4-year track.