Three-year track

If you already have a vwo diploma, a ‘Hochschulreifezeugnis’ (Abitur) or a comparable pre-education, International Media and Entertainment Management may be able to offer you the opportunity of completing the programme in just three years.

Recommended vwo profile: Economie en Maartschappij (E+M). Other vwo profiles require self-study to get to the expected level.

All other international applications will be decided on a case by case basis  to ensure the standard of the diploma will be appropriate for the fast track.
List of appropriate educations

'After this half year I know I made the right choice'

'When I chose the fast track last year, I was scared I didn’t make the right decision. I was just an average student in high school, so wouldn’t be fast track too hard for me? After the first half year of school I knew I made the right decision. Although there was enough challenge in the fast track and I had to work hard, it was not too difficult.'

Three-year track: how does it work?

Year 1
In this year you will follow a curriculum that combines both the 1st and 2nd years of the regular 4 year programme. You will follow all 5 ‘learning lines’ of Content, Production, Marketing, General (mainly research) and Management, covering courses such as Fundamentals of Storytelling, Web Design and Development, Camera and Audio, Media Planning, Financial Management and Qualitative Research.
The theory learned will be applied in our ADE Production House by working on projects and you will be supported by a Study Coach who will also help you to prepare for your company internship in Year 2.

Year 2
The first half of this year you will do your internship in a company either in The Netherlands or abroad. When you return you will commence your specialization in either the Content, Production or Marketing streams. You will also continue to study the General and Research learning lines covering courses such as Business Models and Research Methodology. For those specializing in Content, courses include Transmedia Storytelling and Content Analysis. For those in Production, courses include International Producing and Mobile Application Development. Marketing courses include Direct and Database Marketing and Online Marketing.

Year 3
Your final year involves completing your specialization courses and then entering your graduation phase which involves writing a thesis. The graduation phase can be undertaken through a work placement with a company, again either in The Netherlands or abroad.

NB Either the internship or the graduation should be followed abroad.


Should you be interested in the fast track and if you have questions that are related to the content and set-up of the study programme, please contact Frank Weissman.