In the differentiation International Media and Entertainment Management you specialise to become either a marketeer or a producer.

  • Marketing
    A marketeer develops strategic plans for the promotion and communication of a product or brand. You know what the competitors are doing and you define the marketing strategy. What is the target group? What is your message? What kind of media will you use? In this process, you employ interactive marketing techniques and database marketing. You supervise people involved in this process. You have a commercial mindset and a sixth sense for detecting trends in the market.
  • Production
    A producer provides the shape and content of the chosen media and entertainment products for the promotion of a brand or product. Just think of magazines, television shows and websites. You coordinate the editing and production process, which implies you have to be good at planning and organising. You are cost-conscious, enjoy cooperating with others, have excellent language skills and are familiar with technology.
  • Content
    A content specialist actually is a storyteller who knows how to engage his target group. He,she is the creative mind behind a media concept and responsible for the development of that concept into completed content that can then be produced. You create meaningful media experiences, with creativity as one of your main tools.