Get a job

As a graduate in Creative Media and Game Technologies / International Game Architecture and Design (variations 3D Visual Art, Programming, Design and Production) you will be equipped to enter a variety of programmer, design and visual artist related careers. In addition to the regular positions within the (console-based) games industry there are opportunities in the field of film special effects (VFX), web-based games and mobile games development.

Career examples

Alternative careers for programmers

  • Companies involved in Virtual Reality
  • Companies which visualise data and have a need for creative technicians
  • Simulations (such as driving simulations)
  • Companies developing products for medical applications

Alternative opportunities for visual artists

  • Agencies that specialise in visualisation, such as architecture
  • Animation studios
  • Film and television productions
  • Advertising agencies

Alternative opportunities for Design & Production

  • Game journalism
  • Game criticism
  • Positions in interactive / branching story writing
  • Production roles in any digital media industry

Portfolio market

The games industry has an urgent need for high-quality specialists. When you enter the labour market, you will see that employers are not so much interested in degrees, but in practical results.
When applying for a job, you could be selected on the basis of the portfolio which you will compile throughout your study.

Many graduates start at the bottom of the career ladder in assistant's positions. During their careers, they work their way up to higher positions, such as lead designer, lead programmer, art director or producer, to name a few.

Labour market prospects

In Keuzegids HBO 2016 (an independent guide containing a systematic quality comparison of study programmes in higher education) you can find an indication of the labour market prospects for recent graduates (average starter salaries and unemployment rates among recent graduates). Graduates of the Creative Media and Game Technologies / International Game Architecture and Design programme earn a starter salary of approximately € 2,100 a month before tax. Some 87% of the graduates have found a job at bachelor's level.