Onno works as game designer at Dr. Panda in Chengdu (China)

‘I’m a concept developer and game designer. My job is to create new ideas for games, pitch these towards the management team and shareholders, and if they like the pitch and it fits within the planning it will be turned into a project. After production has started it is my job to answer any questions the production team might have about the design, update documents, and help out the team if they have any difficulty or need tweaking. My job can be seen as a part producer, as I will communicate with the entire team and make sure that they are on the right track, and we can finish things within the deadline.

Studying at NHTV helped me prepare for the industry. Following the different courses, gamelab, and getting feedback from professionals from the industry all help to get the correct mindset in order to start developing games.

If I could give an advise to prospective students who have to make the difficult decision about where/what to study, I would say do what your heart tells you to do, and find the things that you love to do the most. An important part for this is also discovering what you don't like to do, which most of the times happens during the development of a game. Don't worry about knowing instantly what you should do for the rest of your career, I started out as an artist and discovered through the years that I also really enjoy design and management. If you would ask me if I would end up in my current position at the start of my study I would have never guessed this, but I am certainly happy the way how things have turned out. Don't be afraid to fail and try again with something new.’

Onno van Duin
Alumni International Game Architecture and Design (Visual Art)

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