Study load and coaching

Study load

Quote from IGAD student:
‘In this course, students do receive a healthy dose of theory, as it should be. However, more importantly, the students receive extensive amounts of practice and are forced to work constantly to achieve the proper standard set by the lecturer. The lecturers are all industry professionals, who use their lectures and lessons to not only give theory, but share personal experience of the pitfalls of game development, so that after this education, the students will emerge well prepared for the worst, and perform better in a team of professionals. For an industry as demanding and competitive as game development, it is felt by some students that this is the best and only way to teach this material so that a student can really be more than prepared for what the actual industry will expect of them.’

Study coaching

Student tutor

The staff is made up of many industry experienced professionals who have worked in the video game development industry prior to coming to NHTV. In your first year you are partnered with one of your lecturers, who will meet with you throughout your education. Each student is assigned a mentor: this is your academic career coach who discusses your educational and occupational progress with you. Your personal mentor will continue to coach you through your specialisation and graduation stage.

Student counsellor

The student counsellor provides information, advice and guidance relating to educational and occupational choices, study conditions and student grants. This is also the person to turn to if you wish to discuss personal problems that may be affecting your life as a student.