Course planning

Year 1

The first year consists of three blocks of basic skills that build towards tightly defined projects to enhance your knowledge, all supported by lectures and seminars.

Year 2

Year 2 consists of 4 blocks. You spend two blocks further developing your basic skills in your chosen role. In the other two blocks, you work in small multidisciplinary teams building game projects, supported by lectures and seminars.

Year 3

This year you specialise in your chosen role either working in a multidisciplinary team on a year-long game project or in a smaller specialist team supporting the game project.

Year 4

In the graduation year you work on two projects that may include:

  • a portfolio project individually or in a group (always assessed individually)
  • working at a company (with a project deliverable)
  • developing a business plan and designing a product (to start your own company, supported by our entrepreneurship start-up specialists)
  • taking part in a one-semester exchange programme at our partner universities

We encourage our students to go abroad during their study. In year 4, students participate in projects at companies around the world.