Design and Production

Design & Production delivers game designers, level designers, narrative designers, and producers for the gaming industries, including console, mobile, PC, and board games. This study path teaches you concept development, game design, game production, business management, interactive storytelling, and basic programming and computer graphics. Design & Production is very popular with students who have leadership and conceptual aspirations for the games industry and who have strong communication skills.

Overview study years

  • Year 1: Physical prototyping, team management, the essentials of gameplay design
  • Year 2: Level design, puzzle design, narrative design, business management
  • Year 3: Campaign, multiplayer, casual, and experimental design, entrepreneurship training
  • Year 4: Internship, preparation for employment, graduation project.

Nathalie and the Design and Production study path

'If I have to be absolutely honest, there hasn’t been a single class that I disliked'.

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