Teaching methods

Projects involve working on industry level assignments with a group of fellow-students. You acquire knowledge and learn how to apply it to actual practice. You operate like a professional in training.

In courses you acquire technical and occupation-related knowledge by attending lectures and actively working on assignments. The lecturer teaches and supervises like a true expert.
The training sessions, which will take place in small groups, are designed to develop your skills in, for instance, communication, research or design.
In a competency-based learning environment, coaches are an important factor. You will be assigned your own coach, with whom you discuss your academic progress and academic choices. You shape your future study plans based on your own experiences.

Jules van hwerpen

Jules saw the effects of climate change in York

'To get a proper understanding of the problems that a location faces, it is important to visit that location. That is why our class travelled to York. It was interesting to experience first hand the problem of flooding. Now we are working on an integral plan to help this historical city.'

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