Jules van Herpen

Jules saw the effects of climate change in York

In order to get a proper understanding of the problems that a location faces, it is important to visit that location. That is why our class travelled to York.

Increased flooding

York (UK) is a historical city in the north of England which, due to the river Ouse that runs through the city centre, is known for flooding. During the last few decades however, climate change has had its apparent effect: the frequency and intensity of flooding in the city of York has increased notably.

Integral plan

This trimester we are working on an integral plan including multiple measures that will hopefully help the city of York. To get a better understanding of the challenge at hand, we travelled to York. Walking next to the river – which happened to be rapidly rising at the precise time of our visit -   we explored measures that had already been implemented. It was interesting to see how the city was coping with such a seemingly uncontrollable problem and experience first hand the problem of flooding.

With all information gathered, we went back to Breda and are now working on an well thought-out plan.

Jules van Herpen
Second-year student of International Built Environment / International Spatial Development


Photo taken by: Thomas Oorschot

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