Study Programme

This programme will start with a broad basis of knowledge of the built environment. Throughout your course of study, you will have various specialisation opportunities. At the end of year two you can opt for becoming a specialist:

Strategic Designer
In this role you will focus on integrating strategic design with the process of shaping society. Your objective in this process will be designing future cities. Projects and courses: urbanism, design, sociology, and drawing and visualisation skills (by using Illustrator and Photoshop).

Urban Planner
This role is all about developing a long-term vision of planning while at the same time allowing scope for all stakeholders to collaborate and accomplish their own ideas. You will optimise and align living, working, mobility and recreational conditions. Projects and courses: research methods, quality of life, financial control, sustainability and environment, governance and project management.

Sustainable Urban Mobility Manager
The main focus comprises behavioural changes in mobility. Just think of promoting active modes of transport such as walking and cycling. You will optimize the use of public transport and incorporate smart work and mobility solutions into people’s daily lives. Projects and courses: travel behaviour and safety, mobility management and their relation to urban planning and design (including road design).


The courses and projects are centered around the following themes:

  • Dutch Design
  • Sustainable (Urban) Mobility Planning
  • Smart Cities and Societies
  • Water Management
  • Planning for an Uncertain Future: Flexible Use of Space
  • Energy

Would you like to know more about the industry?

Our website Shaping Society tells you all about it! From working on spatial developments to innovating cities for the purpose of keeping them accessible. And from designing livable places to tackling logistical challenges. In short: everything that’s important to our students, alumni and lecturers! 

Fast tracks

The regular track of this programme takes four years, but a fast track is available for Dutch students with a vwo diploma or relevant mbo diploma (level 4). German students might be considered for the fast track if they have Hochschulereifezeugnis. Do you already have a (propaedeutic) certificate from another higher education institution or university in the Netherlands? If so, you may be allowed to follow the fast track programme. For more information, please contact the student counsellors of this programme:, +31 76 533 26 44 or +31 76 533 26 39.