Amelie attends the 3-year track 

Why did you choose a (fast-track) professional bachelor’s programme instead of an academic bachelor’s programme? 
After I had visited several open days at various universities, I had never returned home really enthusiastically. When a friend of mine pointed out this professional bachelor's programme in Breda, my first reaction was that I did not want to apply for a professional bachelor's programme after graduating from pre-university education. Still, I decided to attend an orientation day and I was enthusiastic right from the start. What’s more, I believe it is a big advantage to be able to attend a professional bachelor's programme as a vwo graduate. So, now I do not lose any extra time and I use my vwo diploma and abilities very well at the same time.

What do you think about the (fast-track) study programme so far? What do you like or dislike most?
What I find a major advantage is that I learn a lot in a short period of time and can gain some practical experience by doing various work placements (abroad). The atmosphere at school and the small scale of the study programme is what I appreciate very much. Owing to a change in the curriculum I have the idea that the fast-track programme has not been reviewed well enough, as a result of which I have the idea I have missed things. What I totally missed is the real estate component much to my regret.

What would you like to accomplish with your degree? What are your career plans?
I am currently doing my graduation project and this coming August I hope to be able to complete the programme within three years. I certainly wish to do a master programme but I do not know in what field. I have some doubts about the facility component in itself, but I find the management side very attractive.

Amelie van Dongen
International Facility Management

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