Management Development Programme

When you study International Real Estate and Facility Management, you will take part in the Management Development Programme. With this programme you can develop your personal and professional skills, in order to get the best out of yourself. The Management Development Programme will be continuously ongoing through your 3 or 4 years of study.

The first year of the Management Development Programme will, among other topics, address report writing and referencing, Excel and other relevant ICT skills, time management, communication skills and teamwork. In addition you will be introduced to different learning styles and you will learn how to reflect, in order to manage and steer your personal development, by setting SMART goals.

During the second year of the programme, you will continue to develop your skills in (interpersonal) communication, teamwork and leadership and you will start your preparation for your international placement.

In the final stages of the programme the focus will shift towards the industry, where decision making, advanced leadership, negotiating and entrepreneurship are key elements.

Throughout the Management Development Programme, you will create a Personal Development Plan (PDP). This document is characterized by a dynamic and evolving content that will be, together with your results, the point of departure in your meetings with your Study Coach. Your coach will monitor your progress and development during your academic experience.