Admission requirements for Dutch students

For this programme, the admission requirements are:


N+T > 2e mvt*                     
N+G > 2e mvt*
E+M > 2e mvt*
C+M > econ or m&o


N+T > 2e mvt*                     
N+G > 2e mvt*
E+M > 2e mvt*
C+M > admissible


mbo 4 > admissible, except the following programmes:

  • Techniek en procesindustrie
  • Voedsel, Natuur en leefomgeving
  • Zorg en welzijn

* One of the following languages needs to be part of your (exam)profile during your prior education: French, German or Spanish

3-year programme

You can attend the 3-year programme if you have completed pre-university education or the special track 'mhbo'.

If you have a diploma from a foreign educational institution, please follow the application procedure.

In addition, you must have proven experience in, and an affinity with, the hospitality industry.

Second modern foreign language required

As the Academy of Hotel Management has the right to select all its students, all applicants (including mbo 4 students and applicants for the 21+ arrangement) must fulfill the requirement of having studied a second modern foreign language (2e mvt).
If a second modern foreign language is not included in your current study programme, you will have until July 1 to meet the language requirement by enrolling in a language course elsewhere.

What to do if you do not meet the admission requirements?

  • If you miss any of the compulsory subjects, check out your possibilities (information is in Dutch)
  • If you are aged 21 or over, you may appeal to the 21+ arrangement.

Brush-up course (financial) calculation

To increase your chances of successfully completing the propaedeutic phase, NHTV - in cooperation with ‘Hogeschoolrekenen’ - offers an online brush-up course in (financial) calculation. Find out by means of a test if your numeracy skills match the required entry level of the programme and decide whether or not you will take the brush-up course.

More information on the online brush-up course and the entry test