Study Trips

To experience your theory in the real world, you will receive 3 international study trips. Only then you can see, look and feel how it’s like to work in the hospitality business.

The main goal during the study trip in the propeadeutic phase is to introduce you to the international hospitality industry and to familiarize you with the various aspects of it. Special attention is given to hospitality, service concepts, cross cultural aspects and sustainable development within the hospitality industry. Getting in touch with the industry and reflecting on the observations and interactions with it, are an important part of the activity.

The study trip in the main phase aims you to let further experience the theory of beverage management (wines and spirits). The field trip will be preceded by a wine/spirits course so that students will be able to compare the theoretical part with the actual beverage industry’s standards and techniques.

Together with your fellow students of International Facility Management, you will take part in the third and last study trip. In this trip you will further experience the way several departments working together, with overlapping disciplines like finance, marketing, revenue and sustainability.