In-school training company - 'Sibelicious'

At our in-house training company Sibelicious you get to learn what Hotel Management is all about. Together with your fellow students, you will work in several outlets such as catering, front desk, store room, restaurant and kitchen. You organise, cater for, manage and provide service to real customers, who come in daily for lunch, dinner, a meeting or a congress.

In your first year you will be managed by your second year peers. In your second year you yourself will take up the manager’s position and be responsible for budgets and dealing with the staff from a specific Sibelicious department.

You will get to know all the different aspects of the business – from the first contact with the client, to drafting a proposal and budget, right up to the execution of an actual event and the after-care. The front desk is a separate section of Sibelicious where you get to take charge of the coordination of cleaning, maintenance, and distributing office supplies.