International Leisure Management


By carrying out projects in cooperation with industry professionals, you will be trained to operate effectively within and between the various leisure sectors. Your role will be one of innovative connector, the linchpin of the organisation. Creating relationships or looking for creative business or collaborative models will be one of your main goals. You also know how to apply the knowledge acquired from the leisure sector to other sectors within our society. Applying and using diverse themes is what characterises the International Leisure Management track the most. As a result, new and promising solutions are created.  

Your future career

Due to your extensive orientation of the various sectors and your knowledge of different themes, you will be capable of acting as a connector in the industry. You are able to match organisations, projects and policy initiatives together. Your ultimate future challenge lies in managing and reconciling the different interests involved. Graduates may enter positions at local authorities, multinationals, sports organisations, event planning agencies, volunteer organisations, but also visitor attractions, pop music venues and museums. The Leisure Management track is the right choice for you if you are an all-rounder capable of connecting worlds – by taking a broad view - within the leisure industry. 

This track is offered in Dutch and in English.