Social Innovation


Within the Social Innovation track you will set to work on concrete, real challenges. Sometimes it involves an existing idea that needs to be taken further, but often the outcome is utterly unpredictable. As a social innovator, you will learn to bring the right people together and direct the entire process that follows as a result. You will learn how to cooperate more efficiently and acquire techniques to work out viable ideas. What’s special about this track, is that its curriculum is not set in stone, but still, all competencies of the leisure manager are dealt with. Every year, you will work on eight different assignments. Successful development and completion will require you to use methods and theories from the fields of, for instance, Experience Design, Community Design en Process Design.

Your future career

Graduates from the Social Innovation track often opt for a career as a self-employed entrepreneur after completing their degree. They are hired as consultants or project managers by, for instance, local authorities or housing associations. Outside the leisure sector too, there is a need for people who are capable of managing innovation processes. Whatever sector your client is from, your knowledge and experience are in demand across the market. It is up to you to discover where your heart lies.