Bachelor Logistics in 3 or 4 years

This English-taught professional bachelor's programme prepares you for a career in the international logistics industry. NHTV offers two international programmes in the field of logistics. In the  engineering programme is emphasis on the technical aspects of storage and transport. The economic programme deals with financial aspects and Marketing. The differences between the programmes can be found in this schedule.

In the right time at the right place

  • Can you manage warehouse inventories in an efficient manner?
  • How does ketchup end up in the supermarkets?
  • Will you be in charge of the logistics operations at an international sports event?

After your graduation at NHTV Breda, you are the all-round logistics wizard who ensures that the right people, materials and information get to the right place at the right time!

Your career?

Graduates are equipped to fill a range of positions, such as operations manager, logistics manager, supply chain manager, project manager or advisor at (inter)national:

  • transport companies
  • wholesale companies
  • retailers
  • manufacturers
  • ICT companies
  • consultancy firms

Please be aware of the fact that many graduates start at the bottom of the career ladder - in assistant positions - and work their way up to management positions.

Have fun!

Alumnus Robert van der Waal is Logistics Manager at Samsung. He tells about his job and gives an important advice.