Broadening minors

Making Places and Shaping Destinations

Do you aspire to a job managing growth and change at the city scale? And do you think you could deal with economic challenges by adopting new policies, technologies, and new institutional and organisational forms; all the things that are required for this job? The minor ‘Making Places and Shaping Destinations’ provides you with all the qualifications you need for international managerial positions in public, private or non-profit organisations in tourism, leisure or place-branding sectors. The minor addresses subjects such as digital management systems, digital storytelling, governance, and visitor intimacy as well as online and offline marketing of destinations, in which all stakeholders involved have to operate in a constantly changing context and anticipate shifting consumer behaviour.

Resilient Entrepreneurship

Say you have brilliant ideas popping up every hour. You hate products that look like silly copycats. If so, you sound like the type of person that would fit this minor, enabling you to develop and apply your expertise in refreshing new ways. This minor offers you ample opportunities to gain the knowledge and the creative skills for an entrepreneurial future, maybe even within your own company. A future that suits the rapidly developing trends in the technology-based economy, where business innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship are key. Ignite the engine of combined imagination and realisation to create successful business models! The course will offer you food for left- and right-brain thoughts.

Co-Creating Events & Designing Experiences

Have you always been interested in organising events and want to know how an event is designed and produced from an experience perspective, then this minor could be your opportunity to go 'backstage'. Relevant topics and trends will be discussed using input from our national and international network. Topics covered include: green or sustainable events, crowd management, events as a marketing tool, events as destinations, and so on.

Sustainability, Social Responsibility & Professional Identity

Our societies are facing problems such as climate change, biodiversity loss, pollution and unequal division of wealth across our globe, which in turn lead to issues like rising sea levels, reduced food production, spread of diseases, migration and armed or other conflicts. Almost all of these problems are caused by patterns of human behaviour. The key question addressed in this minor is what are your responsibilities and opportunities, as a future professional, to help change these patterns? In other words, what kind of professional will you be and how can you make a difference!

Modern Business in a Changing World

Nowadays change is the only constant factor in people’s professional (and personal) lives, therefore, the capability of dealing with change is of the highest importance for success at the individual, group, organisational, and interorganisational level. In reality, the majority of change initiatives fail or do not produce the desired outcomes. This minor introduces you to the challenging and fun field of change from multiple perspectives – from project management to organisational behaviour to cross-cultural understanding – and equips you with the skills to successfully deal with change in future work settings.

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