International Logistics Management in 3 or 4 years

Do you see to it that iPads make it onto store shelves in time? Do you prevent hospitals having long waiting lists? Or are you in charge of visitor flows at an airport? Everything is possible! After you graduate, you will become the linchpin arranging optimal communication and smart organisation of logistics processes.

You will be trained to be a logistics manager in 3 or 4 years. This bachelor’s programme focuses on financial-economic aspects and marketing of logistics processes. If you are interested in technical aspects of storage and transport of goods, the bachelor’s programme International Logistics Engineering would probably suit you better. Check out the differences between the two programmes.

Your career in the logistics industry

Upon completion of this programme, you will be an expert in linking logistics processes, flows of goods and communication. You are likely to start in a junior or assistant position and can work your way up to a management position. You can start your career, for example as a logistics analyst, planner, ICT consultant, purchase manager, supply chain manager or project manager. Transport companies, production companies, multinationals and many other organisations are always on the lookout for logistics talents.

Most graduates will start in junior or assistant positions and work their way up to management positions.

Have fun!

Alumnus Robert van der Waal is Logistics Manager at Samsung. In this video he tells about his job and gives an important advice.