Educational vision

Competency-oriented education

Competencies are well balanced combinations of knowledge, attitude and skills.
The programme is aimed at helping you to develop the competencies you will need in your future profession, which means that the education focuses on your overall growth as a person as well as on imparting academic knowledge.

Project-based education

Part of the theoretical background is covered in courses and training sessions, part is integrated into projects. This means that you work on real-life assignments in groups. By applying what you have learned in practice, you see for yourself what it is like to operate in the professional world. To further support practical learning, you get to visit companies and do field trips.

Small scaled learning environment

The International Logistics Management programme is a small and small scaled department. As a result, students and lecturers know each other by name and tend to interact in an informal manner. You study in small groups and with students from many nationalities.