Work Placement

In the third year all students perform two placements, both for three months. These placements allow you to put the gained knowledge into practice during your research.

Your placement will be at an international company in the Netherlands or abroad, where the business language is English. For example at a production company, pharmaceutical or transportation company in Cape Town, Malaysia or Germany. Regularly used placement companies are Amgen, Heineken, DB Schenker, UPS and APL Logistics.

Examples of placements assignment are:

  • Goods flow analysis
  • Information flow analysis
  • Developing a marketing plan
  • Improving customer service
  • Warehouse (re)organisation
  • Improving stock control
  • Setting up a packing control system
  • Feasilitiy study of multimodal transport
  • Analysis of company fleet
  • Relocation plans
  • Reverse logistics

Jacob talks about his work placement in Shenzen, China

Shenzen is the ‘Silicon Valley’ of China. Jacob went there halfway through his second year of study, to analyse and improve the output process of a factory.

Read about his work placement.