Study Programme

Prompted by new developments in consumer behaviour and technology, tourism and recreation, businesses find themselves faced with a continuous need to innovate. Traditional companies have to survive in a world of e-business, in which new products and new ways of communicating with and servicing customers are important. You will learn all about this during this study programme. Since the International Tourism Management programme prepares you for an international career, you will also have plenty opportunities to gain international experience. You will participate in field trips and in a field research project, you will do a six-month placement abroad and you will have the possibility to participate in an exchange programme at one of the partner universities of NHTV all over the world.

Accelerated track

The regular track of this programme takes four years, but a three-year track is possible for Dutch students with a vwo diploma or a higher professional / university education (hbo / wo), propaedeutic certificate or degree. This accelerated track may also be open to international students, depending on their previous education.

More options

The Academy for Tourism also offers two Dutch-taught programmes in the field of tourism, one of which leads to an Associate Degree certificate. In addition, the Academy for Tourism offers an English-taught academic bachelor programme Bachelor of Science Tourism and one master’s programme in the field of tourism.

Student's daily life: what's it like?

'After a marketing lecture I had a meeting with my project group. Our project involves designing a marketing plan for a new hotel to be built in Vlissingen. The fun thing about this project is that the marketing plan  will actually be used.'

Tom tells in his blog about the programme and daily life.